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Solicitor's & Peddler's Permit RequirementsBusiness Licenses

All persons conducting door-to-door solicitation in the City of Santa Barbara, whether you are located inside or outside the City, are required to obtain a City of Santa Barbara Business License Tax Certificate and apply for a Solicitor/ Peddler permit.

Do not begin soliciting door-to-door without completing the permit process.

As a business selling door-to-door in our city, it is important to understand and adhere to certain regulations as set forth in the City's Municipal Code. These rules were developed to protect our citizens and help to ensure they are treated professionally and with respect.

Each Solicitor/ Peddler must have their own ID Permit.


Restrictions listed in the municipal code and on the permit:

  • The Permit is not valid in or on any City Street, sidewalk, beach or park. One may not sell on any City street or sidewalk by pulling a vehicle to the curb and conducting business, or in any park or beach area or parking lot.
    SBMC 5.32.035 (A) (1), 9.48.010, 15.16.010.
  • One may not peddle or solicit within the City at any time from sunset to 9:00 a.m., except by prior appointment.
    SBMC 5.32.035(A) (3).
  • One may not peddle or solicit at any place within any commercial or industrial district in the City.
    SBMX 5.32.035(A) (4).

Background Check Requirement

There is a required background check. Once the application packet and the $52.00 process fee are received in the Business License Tax Office, you will be required to visit the Santa Barbara Police to provide fingerprints for a statewide records check. Call (805) 897-2300 to set up your Live Scan appointment.

Issuance of Solicitors / Peddlers Permit

Once the application has been approve by the Police Department, the Finance Department will contact the applicant to pick up their permit card.

The approval process takes 6-8 weeks from the time of fingerprinting. Several weeks are required by the State Department of Justice to conduct their review of the submitted information and provide direction to the local law enforcement agency.

Solicitor Conduct

For the most part, door-to-door solicitors are legitimate business people that understand the difficulty of selling door-to-door.

We encourage our residents to ask for the city business license and police approved permit-photo identification. Please have them readily available when soliciting.

We also encourage our citizens to call the police if they are made to feel uncomfortable or the solicitor cannot show that they have complied with Santa Barbara's laws regarding solicitors. A Police Officer will respond promptly to complaints and ensure solicitors are adhering to City's regulations.

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
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