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Special Event PermitsBusiness Licenses

Businesses or individuals interesting in participating as a vendor during a Special Event will need to obtain a "one day vendor permit"; for each event. The cost is $10.00 per day (additional fees or requirements may apply, please be sure to contact the event coordinator for further information). Businesses that already have a business license from the City of Santa Barbara must complete a one day vendor permit and are exempt from the tax.

Permits are only issued in association with special events on file with the City Recreation & Parks division.

Special Events in Our City

Arts & Entertainment

For further information about events, call the Special Events Coordinator at (805) 564-5418.

Parks & Recreation

For more event information call (805) 897-1982.

Special Events Direct Contacts

  • Summer Solstice  (805) 965-3396
  • Old Spanish Days (805) 962-8101

Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show

All artwork sold is original art created by Santa Barbara County artists. The show is held along Cabrillo Boulevard east from State Street from 10am to dusk on all fair weather Sundays and on occasional Saturdays for special shows. For information, call (805) 897-1982 or visit the show website at

Farmers Market

The Farmers markets held throughout the County of Santa Barbara are organized by the "Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association". If you are interested in participating, please contact them directly.

Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association
232 Anacapa Street
Suite 1A
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 962-5354

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