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City Construction Projects Out to Bid

Contracts for City Public Works projects are advertised in local newspapers and in related construction trade journals and newsletters. Contracts are awarded to the lowest responsible bidder as required by the Public Contract Code.

The City of Santa Barbara uses the online service PlanetBids™ to provide up-to-date information on City projects. This information includes distribution of digital copies of the plans and specs, plan holder lists, point of contact, and bid results.

Contact Information

  • For project plans and specifications, visit PlanetBids to download a digital copy. For a hard copy, contact CyberCopy at (805) 884-6155.
  • For bid results, please contact the Purchasing Division at (805) 564-5349.
  • For additional project-related questions, please contact the Project Engineer as listed in the Notice to Contractors.
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018
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