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New Zoning Ordinance (NZO)

The City is updating its Zoning Ordinance (Title 28 of the City’s Municipal Code) that establishes the zone classifications, permitted uses in the various zones, development standards and regulations, and the development review process. The zoning regulations affect land use, design, parcel size, building heights, density, setbacks, parking, landscaping, fencing and other aspects of property development and use.

The City’s current Zoning Ordinance was first adopted in 1957, and has been amended many times over the years.  At this time, a comprehensive update is needed to bring it up to date to reflect current uses and practices.

At the end of the New Zoning Ordinance (NZO) process, the goal is to have an improved Zoning Ordinance that is:

  • Restructured and easier to understand
  • Modern and current
  • Flexible in administering the code, including staff administrative authority for minor items
  • Responsive to nonconforming situations 


The Council has authorized the hiring of a consultant to assist with the work on developing the NZO.  The consultant team has begun work on the NZO.  The scope and schedule for the project can be viewed under the Reference Documents tab to the right.

Staff and the consultant will meet with the general public, and decision makers on the various topics. These meetings will take place throughout the process, and there will be many opportunities to make comments before a draft NZO is finalized. Specific issues to be covered and the public process will be further developed with the consultant.  It is expected that work on the NZO will culminate with adoption by the City Council in the Fall of 2016.

Upcoming Meetings

Community/Planning Commission Workshop, Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 3:00 p.m., David Gebhard Public Meeting Room at 630 Garden Street.

To review the Issues and Options Paper being presented at this workshop click here.

NZO Joint Committee

A meeting of the NZO Joint Committee was held on Monday, February 23,  2015, at 3:00 in the Water Resources Conference Room located at 617 Garden Street, 3rd Floor.

To see the Agenda for the meeting please click here.

The purpose of the meeting was to present the Issues and Options Paper prepared by Dyett & Bhatia, consultants for the NZO effort.  The paper summarizes their principal findings and conclusions based on their review of the City’s existing Zoning Ordinance and also includes initial ideas for improvement.

The Issues and Options paper will be presented at a Community/Planning Commission Workshop on March 18, 2015. 

To review the Issues and Options Paper reviewed by the NZO Joint Committee click here.

To Stay Informed

You are encouraged to check this website regularly for information about upcoming meetings and progress on the NZO.

To receive updates and notices, click here to create a MySB account, scroll down to the My Notifications section and select "New Zoning Ordinance (NZO)" in the Other Notifications area.

Your opinion is important. We want to hear from you. Please provide your feedback and comments.

Project Contact

This work effort is being conducted by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department in conjunction with a consultant and inter-departmental support.  The project contact is Beatriz Gularte, Project Planner.

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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015