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Upcoming Meetings

In August 2015, City Council directed staff to return in six months with an update on enforcement efforts. Two updates have since been provided on March 1, 2016 and October 11, 2016. The next six-month update will be provided in the form of a memorandum in April 2017.

Recap of Past Public Meetings

The City Council held a public hearing on December 8, 2015 to consider options to define, permit, regulate, and tax short-term home sharing rentals, and provide direction to staff. 

Click here for the Council Agenda Report.


The City Planning Commission held a public hearing on October 15, 2015 to discuss the concepts for a potential Home Sharing Rental Ordinance. 

Click here for the Staff Report.
Click here to watch the Video. 

The City Council held a public hearing on August 11, 2015 to discuss Vacation Rental enforcement and a potential Home Sharing Rental Ordinance.  The Council approved a budget appropriation for increased enforcement of illegal short-term rentals of residential dwellings.

Click here for the Council Agenda Report.

Click here for the City Attorney's report on Vacation Rental Enforcement.


The City Council held a public hearing on June 23, 2015 to discuss Vacation Rentals. 

Click here for the Council Agenda Report.




Last Updated: Mar 16, 2017