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2015 General Plan Implementation

General Plan Implementation

The purpose of the annual General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program Report is to ensure that the General Plan is being implemented effectively and towards achievement of its vision, and to provide an opportunity through adaptive management for timely policy and implementation action adjustments. The format of the 2015 Report differs from the previous two years and is organized into five broad sections, focusing on accomplishments and challenges in making progress towards achievement of the General Plan’s Vision.

The 2015 Report also incorporates information from the Climate Action Plan (CAP) 2015 Implementation Status Report and the General Plan Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) 2015 Status Report, where appropriate, to reduce redundancy and to provide a broad assessment of policy implementation. 

This report discusses topics at varying levels of detail based on their significance and/or availability of readily accessible information. Some topics are discussed generally such as Economic and Fiscal Health, and Public Health. Others, such as Growth Management (including the Average Unit-size Density Incentive Program), Energy (Transportation), and Historic and Community Character provide more detailed data.

Finally, the Climate Change (Environment) section relies on the CAP 2015 Implementation Status Report and the General Plan Program EIR MMRP 2015 Status Report, which include specific tracking of individual actions/measures. 

Prior General Plan Implementation and Adaptive Management Program Reports can be viewed by following these links:  

2015 UCSB Project

Using the organization of the President's Task Force regarding recommendations on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, UCSB Intern, Adena Merabi, cited existing City Program efforts on climate preparedness and resilience which are in alignment with the Task Force recommendations.

Useful hyperlinks act as an index to climate action-related program activities. Click here to read Adena Merabi's timely report.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016