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Project Description

The applicant proposes the demolition of the existing 2,192 square foot, two-story, single-family residence, and the construction of a residential development containing 13 units totaling 14,934 net square feet, on a 40,055 square foot lot. Nine of the units are proposed above a subterranean parking structure. The main structure includes eight (8) two bedroom apartments and one (1) three bedroom apartment (units 1-9). A separate duplex structure with two (2) one bedroom units is accessed off the driveway that leads into the subterranean parking structure (units 12 and 13). A third structure is a duplex with one three-bedroom unit and one two-bedroom unit accessed separately from Lowena Drive (Units 10 and 11) and includes four (4) covered parking spaces. The subterranean parking structure contains eight (8) private two-car garages and one (1) one-car garage to serve Units 1-9 for a total of 17 parking spaces. Four (4) covered parking spaces are proposed for units 10 and 11 and three (3) guest parking spaces and one (1) shared space are proposed to serve Units 12 and 13 which are located on-grade directly off of Lowena Drive. An existing sandstone wall that runs along the Milpas Street frontage and terminates where the road curves and turns into Anapamu Street is proposed to remain.

The project includes the removal of twenty (20) existing trees including two (2) Eugenias, one (1) loquat, one (1) pittosporum and one (1) unknown tree. Five (5) native coast live oaks are proposed to be removed, and the root zones of two (2) native coast live oaks will be encroached upon by 40%-50%. Three (3) palms will be relocated on site, and thirty-five (35) mitigation trees and thirty-six (36) ornamental trees will be installed with eighteen (18) trees to remain.

Grading on site will consist of 3,350 cubic yards of cut and 550 cubic yard of fill. Approximately 11,023 square feet (27%) of the site is located in an area of 30% slope or greater. Approximately 1,236 square feet of building footprint is proposed within the area of 30% slope or greater, which represents approximately 11.2% of the total area of 30% or greater slope. The extent of grading in the area of 30% or greater slope consists of approximately 115 cubic yards of cut.

Review the Case Status for MST2007-00331.

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