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Building & Safety Handouts

Please note that the documents on this page are updated from time to time without warning!

If you have previously downloaded and saved any of these documents, please compare the document you have saved with the currently posted document to assure that you are using the most current version.

2013 Building Code Information

2013 Existing Building Access Compliance Forms

Construction Details


Miscellaneous Information

New Owner-Builder Requirements

O-B Application(28.4 KB)
O-B FAQ(100.5 KB)
O-B Notice(29.2 KB)

Non-Residential 2013 California Green Building Standards Code

Plan Check Submittal Requirements

Residential 2013 California Green Building Standards Code

Coatings Matrix(123.9 KB)
Flooring Matrix(127.8 KB)
Sealant Matrix(122.7 KB)
Wood Information(120.2 KB)
Wood Matrix(122.8 KB)
Wood Statement(146.2 KB)

Residential FEMA Flood Zone Information

Information about Residential construction in a FEMA Flood Zone (Special Flood Hazard Area)