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Current Human Services Programs

The following projects were approved by City Council on March 25, 2014 for Human Service funding from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015:

AHA! Academy of Healing Arts for Teens
AHA! Academy of Healing Arts for Teens serves over 1,500 youth in the Santa Barbara area in in-school, after-school and summer programs.  They aim to help students accept others’ differences and points of view, reduce the likelihood of fighting or hurting others, and to get along better with others.
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara - Power Hour Homework
The Boys and Girls Club helps to maintain or improve grades for youth through daily after-school homework assistance programs. This includes a safe, quiet space, access to computer research, online reading programs and tutors.
Carrillo Counseling Services, Inc. – New Beginnings Counseling Center
Carrillo Counseling Services goal is to reduce clients’ level of distress and increase their functioning by providing counseling for those who need help and support. 
Carrillo Counseling Services, Inc. - RV Safe Parking & Homeless Outreach Program
The RV Safe Parking and Homeless Outreach Program aims to provide safe overnight shelter for those temporarily living in their vehicles, connect them to secure and permanent housing, and help them sustain housing.
Casa Esperanza –Jail Discharge Program
The Jail Discharge Program works to reduce the number of homeless people returning to jail by connecting them with supportive services, shelter and housing and tracking the success of those connections.
Casa Esperanza Homeless Center – Homeless Shelter and Community Kitchen
The Homeless Shelter provides sobriety-based shelter care to homeless individuals and families.
Case management and hot meals are provided to shelter residents.
Center for Successful Aging – Peer Counseling Program
The Peer Counseling Program offers confidential, no cost counseling services to seniors who are facing the challenges of the aging process.
Channel Islands YMCA - Noah's Anchorage Youth Crisis Shelter
Noah’s Anchorage Youth Crises Shelter provides shelter and/or emergency prevention services to homeless, runaway, throwaway, at-risk youth, including children in families facing crisis.
Channel Islands YMCA - Transitional-Age Youth Housing Program
The Transitional-Age Youth Housing Program seeks to reduce the incidence of homelessness and increase the education and employment readiness levels among former foster youth and other young people ages 18-21.
Child Abuse Listening Mediation (C.A.L.M.)
CALM aims to prevent and treat child abuse among children and youth in high risk situations.
City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department - Job Apprenticeship Program
SB Job Apprenticeship Program provides gang-associated youth with job readiness training, skills/career development workshops, and paid on-the-job training within various City departments.
Community Action Commission - Healthy Senior Lunch
The Senior Nutrition Program provides good nutrition to low-income senior citizens.
Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse - Project Recovery Detox Program
Project Recovery Detox Program assists low-income clients with alcohol/drug addiction to safely detox from those substances. They place clients in improved housing situations at discharge and engage program graduates in ongoing aftercare services to support long-term sobriety.
Domestic Violence Solutions - Emergency Shelter
The Emergency Shelter provides safe housing and supportive services for battered women and their children who are in danger of physical harm. They assist women in rebuilding their lives so that they can live independently and free of violence.  .
Domestic Violence Solutions - Second Stage
Second Stage assists women who have been victims of domestic violence in creating long term stability and building independent, violence-free lives for themselves and their children.  Second Stage hopes to intervene in the cycle of violence by assisting survivors deal with the trauma they experienced. 
Family Service Agency - Big Brothers Big Sisters
Big Brother/Big Sisters aims to impact at-risk youth by matching them with positive adult role models in sustained, consistent and long-term relationships.
Family Service Agency - Family Resource Centers (FRC)
The Family Resource Centers goal is to move families from crisis to self-sufficiency through case management, advocacy and education services.
Family Service Agency - Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program aims to improve the quality of life for residents of long-term care facilities by advocating for the rights of residents and promoting the highest possible quality of life and care. 
Family Service Agency - Senior Services Program
The Senior Services Program offers mental health and case management support to clients.
Foodbank - Brown Bag for Seniors
The Brown Bag Program assists low income seniors meet their nutritional needs and remain independent for as long as possible. The Foodbank provides recipients with bags of groceries containing nutritious, staple goods twice a month, at no cost.
Foodbank - Warehouse
The Foodbank Warehouse reduces hunger and food insecurity by distributing food from the Santa Barbara Warehouse through a network of over 70 partners and programs serving low-income people. 
Friendship Adult Day Care Center, Inc. - Adult Day Services Program
The Friendship Center contributes to the well-being of aging and dependent adults and their caregivers, including enabling them to continue living with their families as long as possible.
Future Leaders of America - Youth Leadership and Education Project
Future Leaders of America provides youth with Leadership training, educational opportunities and personal development training for attaining higher education and the betterment of the community.
Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center - Jodi House Program Support
Jodi House aims to improve the quality of life for those with brain injuries and their caregivers. In addition, Jodi House supports members in obtaining gainful employment or volunteer work by providing socialization, physical, and cognitive rehabilitation.  
Legal Aid Foundation - Emergency Legal Services
Emergency Legal Services prevents homelessness through unlawful eviction defense; protects victims and their children from domestic violence; protects seniors from elder abuse through restraining orders and conservatorships; and helps homeless access benefits so they can obtain housing.
Mental Health Association - Recovery Learning Center (RLC) at the Fellowship Club
Fellowship Club provides services to very low income clients, including homeless clients, to promote their mental and physical well being, and facilitate their journey toward independence and recovery.
Pacific Pride Foundation - Necessities of Life Project Food Pantry
Necessities of Life helps maintain and improve the nutrition of low-income people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.
Peoples' Self-Help Housing (PSHH) - Housing the Homeless
Housing the Homeless seeks to get homeless into permanent affordable housing units and to
keep those at risk of losing their PSHH housing stably housed.
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood provides financial assistance to patients who are unable to pay for some or all of their health care.
Rental Housing Mediation Task Force
Rental Mediation Task Force provides consultations, information on tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities, staff telephone mediations, and Task Force Face-to-Face mediations.
Santa Barbara Community Housing Corp - New Faulding Hotel
New Faulding Hotel seeks to prevent homelessness by enhancing the basic living skills of marginalized residents by providing case management and social services aimed at producing successful tenancy.
Santa Barbara Community Housing Corp - Hotel de Riviera
Hotel de Riviera provides transitional housing with supportive services to homeless individuals suffering from mental illness combined with drug/alcohol problems, and preparing them for independent living in the community.
S.B. County DA – Victim Witness, SART
SART reduces the trauma experienced by child, teen and adult victims/witnesses of abuse/assault by reducing the number of interviews they experience.  SART also coordinates activities of the multidisciplinary team to respond in a timely, supportive, and sensitive manner and ensures that the rights of all parties are protected as defensible evidence is collected.  Legal issues arising directly from the crime are also addressed by SART.
Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics - Dental Care For the Homeless
Dental Care for the Homeless provides the homeless population living in Santa Barbara with affordable (in most cases free), quality, comprehensive dental care.
Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center - Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center (SBRCC)
SB Rape Crisis Center seeks to reduce the trauma of sexual assault and work toward the eradication of sexual violence. SBRCC provides rape prevention education to reduce sexual violence in middle and high schools.  Long-term services improve the after effects a survivor or their significant others may experience after an attempted sexual assault or a sexual assault occur.
Sarah House Santa Barbara
Sarah House provides skillful care and extraordinary kindness to low-income individuals who are at the end of their lives as certified by a hospice prognosis. 
St. Vincent's - Family Strengthening Program
The Family Strengthening Program seeks to graduate women who can sustain their families through gainful employment, be in a stable living situation, and assure that their children are provided with excellent parenting and educational opportunities.
Storyteller Children's Center
The Storyteller Children’s Center provides quality, tuition-free early childhood education for homeless and at-risk children, as well as comprehensive support services for their families.
Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International, Inc. - Santa Barbara Vision Care Program
SEE serves local uninsured, low-income adults and children with free vision care services.
Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation - Financial Assistance for Families with Pediatric Cancer
The Financial Assistance program helps families with pediatric cancer avoid financial devastation that could result in the loss of their homes, cars, or utilities.
Transition House - Homelessness Prevention Program
The Homeless Prevention Program provides anti-poverty education, financial aid and intensive case management to families in imminent danger of losing their existing housing.
Unitarian Society (Fiscal Umbrella) - Freedom Warming Centers
Freedom Warming Centers ensure chronically and at-risk homeless individuals have emergency temporary shelter in order to avoid hypothermia and avoidable death on nights with dangerous weather conditions.   
WillBridge provides housing for chronically homeless, mentally ill, adults at risk of violent crimes.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016