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CDBG & Human Services Programs

CDBG & Human Services Funding

CDBG - Community Development Block Grant

Working with the Community Development Human Services Committee (CDHSC), local community groups and City Council, our staff administers the Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the City's Human Services program. In administering these programs we work to ensure that Federal requirements benefiting low and moderate-income persons are met and that sound policies are established for allocating funds among various non-profit social services agencies serving the community. Here you will be able to access the Community Development Human Services Committee agenda, find a list of past and present grant recipients as well as download funding applications and monitoring reports. 

Download the 2015-2016 Funding Recommendation Report for more information.

CDHSC Roster

Transition HouseThis thirteen-member Committee is appointed by the City Council to review applications, interview applicants and make funding recommendations to the City Council. The City Council makes the final decisions on funding. The Community Development/Human Services Committee includes representatives of the following groups:

  • Youth-Oriented Services
  • Business Community/Economic Development
  • Human Services Association
  • Latino Community
  • African American Community
  • Senior Citizens - Housing Interests
  • Four (4) Low Income Neighborhoods: Eastside, Westside, Downtown, Lower Westside
  • Disabled Community
  • Housing Authority Tenant Representative CDBG Signs of Progress and Success

The Committee meets on a monthly basis to monitor program compliance, conduct site visits of agencies, review mandatory reports to HUD, hold public hearings, and discuss issues related to community development and human services within the community. They meet much more often during the allocation process in February. 

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015