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Major Planning Efforts

  • AUD Incentive Program
    The AUD Program replaces the existing Variable Density Program & allows increased residential densities to encourage smaller, more affordable units in areas of the City.
  • Climate Action Plan
    The City Climate Action Plan identifies strategies for reducing carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse gas" emissions in Santa Barbara that contribute to climate change.
  • Fences, Screens, Walls and Hedges
    Santa Barbara Municipal Code (SBMC) §28.87.170 regulates the height and location of fences, screens, walls and hedges on private property in the A, E, R, C-O, and C-X Zones. The City is in the process of considering amendments to this Municipal Code section, with the intent of adopting regulations consistent with the community’s values that can be regularly and fairly enforced.
  • General Plan Implementation
    Following Council adoption of the General Plan update in December 2011, a number of key implementation efforts have been initiated.
  • New Zoning Ordinance (NZO)
    The City will be updating the Zoning Ordinance, Title 28, over the next two years and encourages public involvement. The Zoning Ordinance establishes the zone classifications, permitted uses, development standards, and permit process for land development and use.
  • Zoning & General Plan Map Amendments
    Zoning Map and General Plan Map Ammendments were approved in June 2013. State law requires consistency between the General Plan map land use designations, boundaries and residential densities and the Zoning map of the City.