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Major Planning Efforts

  • 2014 General Plan Implementation
    Following Council adoption of the General Plan update in December 2011, a number of key implementation efforts have been initiated.
  • 2015 Housing Element Update
    The City’s Housing Element is being updated pursuant to State law. This update is required due to legislative changes associated with the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) and a new eight-year planning period.
  • New Zoning Ordinance (NZO)
    The City will be updating the Zoning Ordinance, Title 28, over the next two years and encourages public involvement. The Zoning Ordinance establishes the zone classifications, permitted uses, development standards, and permit process for land development and use.
  • 2015 Major Issues Project Compliance Checklist
    The City’s Land Development Team (LDT) has developed a new checklist to help identify major issues that applicants may encounter while pursuing development application approvals. The checklist outlines various questions that may arise when considering development of a property and includes references to the most commonly applied City Ordinances and development standards.
  • Local Coastal Program Update
    The City’s Local Coastal Program, comprised of the Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Implementation Plan (IP), is being updated to address new and emerging issues. This planning effort is funded by a grant from the California Coastal Commission and public involvement is encouraged.
  • Climate Action Plan
    Use this link to reach our current Climate Action Plan.