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Thank You For Conserving Water

April 25, 2017 

Our community is doing a great job conserving water and is encouraged to keep up the good work. Citywide residents and businesses reduced water use in March by 44%, which brings our 12 month average to 37%. Visit our website for a variety of ways you can conserve water.


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City Fleet Switches to Renewable Diesel Fuel

April 18, 2017 

The City has switched from using B20, a blend of bio-diesel and conventional hydrocarbon-based diesel, to a renewable diesel fuel. Renewable diesel releases up to 8 percent fewer emissions than diesel fuel, and is made from vegetable oil, animal fats and agricultural waste. The cost of renewable diesel fuel is less than the B20 previously used.

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Update on Desalination Plant

April 4, 2017 

Commissioning the Desalination Plant has started. Seawater is currently being pumped onshore and the plant's pre-treatment filters are being conditioned in preparation for potable water production. The facility is undergoing start-up testing and final preparations are underway to enable the production of drinking water in May.

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