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Draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

May 3, 2016 

The City's Draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan is now available for review, prior to the public hearing scheduled for June 28. The State requires urban water providers to create an updated Plan every 5 years. The current draft provides a summary of the City's projected water supplies and demand through 2035. Read More ...

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New Development and the Drought

April 26, 2016 
The City has planned for an additional water demand of 40 acre feet per year from new development in the General Plan and the Long-Term Water Supply Plan. The average water demand from new development over the last 12 years is 28 acre feet per year; approximately 0.3% of the City's total water demand. On April 26, Council will consider additional strategies to help manage this extraordinary drought, including potential development restrictions. Read More ...

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Thank You for Saving Water, Santa Barbara!

February 9, 2016 

Our community is doing a great job conserving water during the drought and is encouraged to keep up the good work. Since the Stage 3 Drought was declared in May 2015, the community has reduced water use by 34%. The City has been recognized as a leader in water conservation during California's historic drought. Let's keep saving together! Read More ...

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