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Bike Corral Installed on the 100 Block of Canon Perdido Street

September 24, 2014 

The City of Santa Barbara installed a bike corral yesterday on the 100 block of Canon Perdido near Santa Barbara Street. Bike corrals are in-street bicycle parking areas that typically replace one or two automobile spaces in commercial areas where a significant number of bicycle trips are present. Other cities around the country have implemented bike corrals, mainly to respond to business and community desires to increase parking capacity – in this case 14 new bike parking spaces.

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Montecito Street Bridge Replacement

September 23, 2014 

With a recent state grant award, the Montecito Street Bridge Replacement Project will replace the very narrow bridge with a wider structure to better accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. A new sidewalk on the bridge and on the roadway approaching the bridge will also be installed. This project will improve pedestrian safety near the Franklin and Cleveland Elementary Schools.

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2013