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Mason Street Bridge Construction Update

June 30, 2015 

Significant progress has been made to replace the Mason Street Bridge. The east channel walls and bridge abutment have been completed and the creek channel has been widened. Preparation for the new west channel walls and bridge abutment is underway. Demolition of the existing bridge is anticipated to occur in early July. Read More ...

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Annual Sewer Main Rehabilitation to Begin

June 30, 2015 
The City will begin work in July at to rehabilitate sewer mains in various locations. The majority of the project will use "trenchless technology", which allows the City to rehabilitate roughly 3 miles of sewer main with minimal disturbance to surrounding residences. The project is scheduled to be complete by December. Read More...

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Managing our Groundwater Wells

June 9, 2015 

As the only local source of potable water, groundwater is a crucial resource for the City during times of drought and emergency. The City is working on a number of well projects, including replacing the Alameda Park Well, to help increase production capacity and supplement our surface water supplies. Watch the Video ...

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