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Conservation is Key as Drought Continues

September 15, 2015 

Despite hopes for an El Niño winter, continued extraordinary conservation by the community is necessary until water begins to spill over Bradbury Dam. Watch the Video ...

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New Streetlights for Lower West Downtown

August 25, 2015 

New, energy-saving LED streetlights are now fully operational in the Lower West Downtown area. The City installed approximately 60 new pedestrian and streetlights in the vicinity of West Ortega, West Cota, Castillo Street and De la Vina Street, The new lighting will help increase safety for area residents. Read More...

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Managing our Groundwater Wells

June 9, 2015 

As the only local source of potable water, groundwater is a crucial resource for the City during times of drought and emergency. The City is working on a number of well projects, including replacing the Alameda Park Well, to help increase production capacity and supplement our surface water supplies. Watch the Video ...

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Rain On - Sprinklers Off

June 9, 2015 

Thanks to the recent rain, your sprinkler timer should remain off until your soil dries out. New statewide water use regulations are also in effect that prohibit irrigation during and 48 hours after measurable rainfall. The general rule of thumb is for every inch of rain we receive, watering should be delayed 7-10 days for your thirstiest plants. Remember to check the soil for moisture before turning irrigation back on.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2014