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The update of the City of Santa Barbara’s Bicycle Master Plan was directed by the adoption of the City’s Circulation Element, Policy 4.1, in 1997. The Bicycle Master Plan was written by City staff in cooperation with the Bicycle Leadership Team. It involved gathering of community input and field research. The plan was adopted by the City Council by resolution 98-133 on October 13, 1998. The plan was re-adopted by Council in 2003 and 2008 to meet State requirements.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Bicycle Master Plan
Chapter 2 - History of the Bicycle in Santa Barbara
Chapter 3 - The Bicycle System Today - Part One: Community Input
Chapter 4 - Goals, Policies and Coordination
Chapter 5 - Goal 1 - Making A Decision to Ride
Chapter 6 - Goal 2 - Improving the Bicycle Network
Chapter 7 - Goal 3 - Removing Destination Barriers
Appendix - Possible Funding Sources

2003 Supplement to the Bicycle Master Plan
2003 Bicycle Master Plan Map Update

2008 Supplement to the Bicycle Master Plan
2008 Bicycle Master Plan Map Update

The City of Santa Barbara was amongst the first cities to adopt a planning document for bicycle facilites. In response to community request for improved bicycle facilites, the City conducted community outreach, suverys and interviews to develop the City's first Bikeway Master Plan in 1974.

1974 Bikeway Master Plan - Archival Quality
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015