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Street MaintenancePublic Works

Issues Handled by Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance section cleans and maintains the City's existing transportation and storm drain system infrastructure within the public right of way. 


Streets Main Line
(805) 564-5413
(805) 963-4286 -
After Hours
Debris in streets & sidewalks
All other Streets related issues


Storm Drain Hotline
(805) 564-5458
Curb and gutter
Storm drains and channels 


Pothole Hotline
(805) 897-2630
Pedestrian Bridges and Walkways
Pavement Patching and Potholes
Streets & Sidewalk Repair Request


(805) 564-5413
Available during Flash Flood Warning.  


Street Signage Hotline
(805) 560-7569             
Street Sign Repair             
Curb Painting             
Pavement lane striping, crosswalks, markings 


Graffiti Hotline
(805) 897-2513
 Graffiti Reporting
 Graffiti Removal


Street SweepingHotline
(805) 897-1903
Info on Street Sweeping Days and Locations
Also includes announcements on cancellation
during rain, holidays, etc.


Pavement Maintenance Program 
(805) 564-5363
Annual Pavement Maintenance Program 


 Streets Division
Laguna St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 564-5413

Rick Fulmer, Streets Maintenance Manager

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2016