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Water SoftenersWater

 Water Softener Settings

20-25 grains/gallon
Please use Potassium Chloride.
For more information, call the City of Santa Barbara’s Water Resources Laboratory (805) 568-1008

How to Conserve Water


  1. Water Softener Setting 
    Our hardness ranges from 20 - 25 grains/gallon, depending on where you are in the City. First try setting your softener at 20 grains/gallon. If you feel the water needs to be softer then try 21 grains/gallon. When settings are too high it takes more water to wash off soaps.
  2. Set Cycle for Efficiency
    Most water softeners are set to cycle too often, requiring more potassium chloride, water and energy.
  3. Replace Time Clock Controlled Water Softeners
    Install a demand initiated regeneration water softener which only run while water is in use. This saves water, energy and maintenance. Retrofit DIR Controllers are available that allow easy conversion of time clock controlled models. Look for Water Sense® and Energy Star® models for replacements.
  4. Use Potassium Chloride
    Do NOT use sodium chloride. Sodium causes problems during the wastewater treatment process and increases the salinity of recycled water used for irrigation.
  5. How Do Water Softeners Work? 
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016