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Los Baños Pool Closure

What’s happening to Los Baños?

Los Baños del Mar Pool will be closed for three days. Part of the closure will involve draining the pool and refilling it with fresh water; while this is happening, we will use the opportunity to do much-needed repairs and upgrades to the facility.

When will the pool be closed?

The pool will be closed from Friday, December 4 to Sunday, December 6, 2015. It is scheduled to reopen on Monday, December 7, 2015.

Water Concerns

Why does the City need to do this now, during a drought?

If there were a way to avoid draining and refilling Los Baños right now, we wouldn’t be doing this. It was a difficult decision. The drought is serious, and we know it might seem strange to prioritize a swimming pool in such a time.

Here’s why we made the decision: it came down to refilling the pool now, or wasting taxpayer dollars (potentially in the hundreds of thousands) by damaging the pool and its operating equipment.
This is because of something called Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS. TDS is a measure of all the non-water substances in a body of water: minerals, chemicals, and anything dissolved in the water that can’t be removed by a standard filtering process.

When TDS levels are high, swimmers notice that the water tastes bad, and they might have irritated eyes or skin because of it. Pool water with high TDS levels also begins to damage both the pool’s operating machinery and the plaster surface of the pool itself.

The industry standard for pool water’s maximum TDS levels is 1500 parts per million (ppm). The water at Los Baños recently tested at 9,000 ppm—six times the standard recommended maximum. Los Baños staff members have already begun receiving complaints of stinging eyes from our pool patrons. Leaving this water in the pool would also very likely damage the pool and its machinery that would waste a community investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent upgrades. This is why it is important that the City acts now.


For Los Baños Patrons

I paid for a December swim pass!

Don’t worry! We will sell you your December pass at a discount to make up for the days of closure.

Where can I swim while Los Baños is closed?

Our pool manager, Amber Workman-Hatsedakis, has researched a list of alternatives for you. Ask the front desk Lifeguard for a copy.

We’re happy to answer your questions or discuss any concerns you may have! Please send an email to;; or call us at (805) 966-6110.

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015