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Front Country Trails Task Force


The City of Santa Barbara, County of Santa Barbara, and the Los Padres National Forest share jurisdictional oversight of Santa Barbara’s Front Country Trails (FCT). On-going and newly identified multi-use issues on the FCT continue to be a source of concern for the 3 agencies involved with trail management and trail-users, as well as maintenance, management, planning and governance issues. On April 6, 2006, a Joint Meeting of the City of Santa Barbara Park and Recreation Commission and County of Santa Barbara Parks Commission was held and a recommendation was put forth to establish a multi-jurisdictional Task Force to address FCT issues. Representatives of the 3 agencies would be appointed to serve on the Task Force.


Through a coalition building process, the primary purpose of the Task Force is to develop recommendations which should be considered by the three jurisdictions in order to foster responsible, cohesive, coordinated and comprehensive management of the Front Country Trails for the greater good of the community. Additionally, the Task Force will provide a public forum to solicit and gather input from the public, trail users, property owners, community organizations and interest groups.

Specific areas of focus include

  • Use policies and public safety.
  • Governance and management.
  • Trail maintenance programs, including protection of natural and cultural resources.
  • Long term planning, Multi-jurisdictional Front Country Trails Master Plan.

Key Objectives

Review and evaluate existing policy, current conditions, and funding related to use, maintenance, resource protection.

  1. Review and evaluate recommendations developed by the Front Country Trails Working Group (FCTWG) and the Los Padres Forest Association (LPFA) related to use, maintenance and resource protection.
  2. Review and evaluate information from other public entities regarding innovative approaches to resolving multi-use conflicts, maintenance, planning and funding.
  3. Hold public meetings to gather input on issues, options, and priorities related to Front Country Trails from trail users, community organizations, interest groups, property owners and members of the public.
  4. Develop and forward policy, maintenance, management, planning and funding recommendations to the respective commissions and governing bodies of the three jurisdictions.    
    Committee Functions
    Membership The Task Force will have representation from the three agencies as follows
    1. Two City of Santa Barbara Park and Recreation Commissioners.
    2. Two County of Santa Barbara Park Commissioners.
    3. Two Los Padres National Forest Representatives, appointed by the National Forest Supervisor.
    Time Involved The Task Force will meet monthly the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at City Council Chambers, and hold topic-focused workshops and public hearings. All meetings will be noticed and open to the public in compliance with the Brown Act. Meetings will be televised whenever possible, either live or recorded. See the City TV Schedule for broadcast information.
    Compensation None.
    Staff Department of Parks & Recreation
Last Updated: Dec 8, 2015