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Downtown Parking Committee

The Downtown Parking Committee was established August 30, 1988, and replaced the Parking District Committee.

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General Functions

  • Acts as an advisory agency to the City Council with respect to the management, maintenance and operations of the Downtown Public Patron and Commuter Parking lots, including review of operating and capital maintenance budgets, hours of operation, parking fee policies (including 75 minute free policies), and commuting employee parking policies (including shuttle bus programs);
  • Acts as a community forum to hear requests and comments from the public;
  • Maintains adequate liaison with other committees, agencies and districts; and
  • Advises the Council as to other matters upon the request of the City Council.
  • Parking Subcommittees - The Downtown Parking Committee currently has two Subcommittees.  These Subcommittees do not have set meeting dates and times.  The Operations and Communications Subcommittee advises staff on policies related to marketing, public relations, parking lot operations and security initiatives.  The Finance Subcommittee advises staff on policies related to rate structures, PBIA administration, capital improvements and annual budgeting.     
    Committee Functions
    Membership 7 Members
    Qualifications Members must demonstrate an interest in, and knowledge of, downtown parking issues.
    1. Five members must be residents of the City of Santa Barbara.
    2. Two members may be residents of the City or the County of Santa Barbara.
    Length of Term Four years and until successors are appointed. Staggered terms expire on December 31 of the appropriate year.
    Meeting Schedule The Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. in the David Gebhard Public Meeting Room, 630 Garden Street.
    Time Involved Approximately 4 hours per month for meetings and related activities
    Financial Disclosure Requirement Members must file a Statement of Economic Interests upon appointment, annually and when leaving the advisory group.
     Ethics Training Requirement The City of Santa Barbara requires members of this committee to take City ethics training within one year after member is appointed or reappointed.
    Compensation None
    Staff Rob Dayton, Principal Transportation Planner      (805) 564-5385                                                   Victor Garza, Parking/TMP Superintendent             (805) 564-5656
    Reference Resolution Nos. 99-032, 98-004, 93-157, 93-139, 88-127, and 79-093
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016