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What if my irrigation controller is set at the suggested Watering % Adjust value and my plants looked stressed?

Realize the Watering % Adjust value is only an educated guide - a helpful tool.   It is not an absolute command that is always right for all situations.  The % Adjust coaches you when adjustments should be made and how large those adjustments might be, but you have to be pro-active by paying attention to the health of your landscape.  If your plants look stressed after setting your percentage adjust feature at the recommended value, increase the current percentage adjust amount on your controller by a notch.  (Common signs of plant stress are droopy leaves, or a grayish blue tinge to your grass, or grass that stays flat after being stepped on.)  Wait several days to see if the stress disappears.  If signs of stress remain, increase the adjust feature up another notch.  Make these periodic adjustments until the landscape appears healthy.  (Note: for some controllers a “notch” represents one percent, for others it can represent 5 or 10 percent.  For controllers with one percent increments, make notch adjustments of 5%.)

There is a flip side to this technique.  If your percentage adjust feature is set at the value of the Watering % Adjust, and if you’ve made no “notch” adjustments, and if the landscape looks healthy, the watering system could actually be applying more water than is necessary, meaning you are paying for more water than you need to.  To check if this is the case, reverse the process described above.  Reduce the percentage adjust feature, notch by notch, watching your landscape for several days between each change.  Once you’ve reduced the percentage to a point where the plants are beginning to show signs of stress, increase the percentage adjust feature by a notch.