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I am no longer in business, what steps do I need to take?

If you are no longer conducting business, please send notice to: City of Santa Barbara Business Licensing PO Box 1990 Santa Barbara, CA 93102, provide the business name, address, certificate number and the date you stopped conducting business in the City. Please provide contact information, should we have any questions. 

  • If you hold a state license with a local address, it will need to be inactivated in order to close the local business license. This also applies to business entities on file with the Secretary of State (Corp/LLC).
  • If you sold your business, please provide the escrow closing date and the new owners name, address, phone number.
  •  If you are moving away, and plan to return to Santa Barbara to work with your clients, a valid City of Santa Barbara business license tax certificate is required.

This information can be faxed to Business License: (805) 897-1978, documentation is required.

Attention: we do not automatically cancel your license if we don’t hear from you. We assume your payment is late and continue to send Billing Notices. Eventually your business name is placed on our delinquent list. So, please let us know, in writing, if you want your license canceled.