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How does the City help first-time and other eligible homebuyers?

Hundreds of condominium units and single-family homes have been constructed under the City's Housing Development and Preservation Program for eligible low, moderate, middle and upper middle income homebuyers. In acquiring their affordable homes, owners have agreed to comply with resale restrictions that limit the resale price and require a new buyer to be of low, moderate, middle income, or upper-middle income.

When owners wish to sell their homes, they contact the City to find out what the allowable resale price will be. Owners are free to select a buyer from the City's list or find their own qualified buyer. Upon request, we provide to owners our current Interest List. Owners are free to sell to any qualified household. There is no guarantee that they will select their buyer from the list. The interest list is also provided to developers when new projects are being marketed.

An interested buyer’s name remains on the Interest List for six months from the date submitted.  It is the interested buyer’s responsibility to submit a new written request every six months.