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I have all the recommended software installed, but I'm still not able to view the webcasts. Any suggestions?

  • Double-check your connection speed
    To ensure maximum quality for a wide-range of connection speeds; we frequently include separate audio-only versions of our webcast. If you have a slow connection speed (less than 100kbps like a dial-up connection) you will receive better quality if you select the audio-only version.
  • Are you firewalled?
    Occasionally a firewall will reduce the speed with which you can receive webcast information on an otherwise high-speed connection. We have gone to great lengths to make our data as "firewall friendly" as possible but bottlenecks can still occur at a firewall (especially when connecting from a corporate LAN). Most users experiencing this problem can still enjoy the audio-only version of the webcast.
  • Is your volume turned on?
    This happens more than you think. Double-check to make sure that the volume is turned on loud enough and, if you have them, external speakers are turned on. This is especially important when using a low-speed connection where there might not be enough bandwidth to display video.
  • Is your plug-in installed properly?
    Sometimes Netscape browsers will not pick up the Windows Media Player plug-in properly, to fix this problem re-install Microsoft Windows Media Player and try again.