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Missing Persons

A child and juvenile are defined as a person younger than 18 years of age. An adult is a person 18 or older. There is no time requirement before a person can be listed as missing.

Reporting a Missing Child or Juvenile Under 13 Years Old

  1. If a child or juvenile is believed to be missing, parents should first make sure the youngster is not inside the home or anywhere in the immediate area.
  2. Contact the police if the youngster still cannot be found. Dial 911.
  3. The officer receiving the call will request the following information:
    • Full name, including nicknames and aliases
    • Race, Sex, Age and date of birth
    • Hair and eye color
    • Clothing worn when last seen
    • Physical Characteristics
    • Home or apartment address and number
    • Telephone Number
    • Last school attended and grade level
    • Parents names, addresses and telephone numbers (home and work)
    • Last person known to have seen the youngster
    • Circumstances of the disappearance
    • A current photo of the missing person, if available
    • It may be necessary to obtain photos, dental charts and other pertinent medical information of the missing person
The officer then enters the report into the National Crime Information Center's computer files. Such information can be helpful to other agencies in locating missing children.

If You Find a Missing Child or Juvenile

When a missing youngster is found or has returned home, the Police Department should be contacted immediately at 897-2300 so the case can be closed.

Reporting a Missing Person 13 Years & Older

Steps in reporting a missing person 13 years and older are basically the same as those for reporting missing children or juveniles under 13 years of age.

To report an adult missing, call the Police Department's Record Bureau at 897-2300.

Priority is given to cases involving elderly, senile or mentally incompetent persons. As with missing youngsters, there is no waiting period for the report to be accepted.

You will be required to sign a release form prior to the adult being listed as missing on the National Crime Information Computer.

Finding a Missing Adult

When a missing adult is located or returns home, the Police Department should be contacted immediately so the case can be closed.

The "Crimes Against Persons" Section investigates cases involving missing children, juveniles, and adults.