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Burglary / Theft

Definition of Burglary

The entering of any structure with the intent to commit petty theft, grand theft, or any other felony.

Definition of Theft

A person commits an act of theft if someone unlawfully obtains another's property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner.

Reporting a Burglary or Theft

Call the Santa Barbara Police Department at 911 or 897-2410 or 897-2300. (Do not disturb anything at the scene.)

Collecting Evidence & Making a Report

The investigating officer will collect evidence and prepare a report. The officer will ask the victim to make an inventory to determine what was taken.

Be prepared to supply the make, model and serial numbers of the stolen property.

(Avoid touching or disturbing anything until the officer has arrived and collected evidence.)

Officer's Investigation

The investigating officer will conduct an investigation and ask questions such as the following:

  • What time did you leave the house?
  • What time did you return?
  • What did you see when you returned?
  • Where was the stolen property located?
  • Have you talked with any of your neighbors?
  • If you have, what did they tell you they saw or heard?
  • Are you willing to prosecute the guilty parties?

Documenting the Loss

To document any further property loss discovered after the officer has left the scene, the victim should complete the Santa Barbara Police Department's Property Form left by the investigating officer. After completing the form, the victim has two options:

  1. Mail the additional information to the Santa Barbara Police Department at 215 E. Figueroa St., Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101. (Be sure to include the case number.)
  2. Go to the Santa Barbara Police Department to file a follow-up report.

Follow-Up Investigation

Only a small percentage of all burglary and theft cases have follow-up investigations, since most of these cases lack sufficient investigative leads (like witnesses, suspects, traceable evidence). However, all cases are reviewed by the investigators and the inactive cases are kept on file. The victim is not contacted again unless there are new developments in the case.

To Obtain Information About Your Case

Call the Burglary Detail at 897-2335, Monday- Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please have your case number ready.