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6.16.050 Report of Animal Biting - Isolation - Release - Cost

Any person owning, possessing or harboring any animal that bites any person, and any person bitten by such animal, shall report the same to the Police Department. The Police Department upon the receipt of such report shall investigate and inform the Animal Control Supervisor or designated animal control officer and the County Health Officer of the available information concerning such bite. The Animal Control Supervisor or designated animal control officer shall take custody of and isolate all such biting animals. Currently licensed and vaccinated dogs shall be isolated for up to ten (10) days in a manner prescribed by the County Health Officer.
All other biting animals shall be isolated in an animal control facility or veterinary hospital for up to ten (10) days after infliction of bite. A biting dog may be released by the veterinarian after five (5) or more days of isolation, if the observing veterinarian certifies that there are no clinical signs or symptoms of any disease. All dogs shall be vaccinated and licensed before release. All costs incurred shall be paid by the owner of the animal.