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Does the City have a disaster plan?

Yes. The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) for the City of Santa Barbara addresses the planned response to extraordinary emergency situations associated with natural disasters, technological and intentional incidents, and national security emergencies in or affecting the City.  This plan does not address normal day-to-day emergencies or the well-established and routine procedures used in coping with such emergencies. Instead, the operational concepts reflected in this plan focus on potential large-scale disasters which can generate unique situations requiring expanded emergency responses. Effective response requires that the City of Santa Barbara Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff remember to communicate, collaborate, coordinate, and cooperate with each other and with the field responders and other jurisdictions.

The EMP:

  • Is a preparedness document designed to be read, understood, and exercised prior to an emergency;
  • Designed to include the City of Santa Barbara as part of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the California Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). For area wide emergencies, such as a major earthquake or fire, it integrates with the Santa Barbara County Operational Area response.
  • Establishes the emergency management organization required to respond to and mitigate any significant emergency or disaster affecting the City;
  • Identifies the policies, responsibilities and procedures required to protect the health and safety of the City community, public and private property, and the environmental effects of natural, incidental, and technological  disasters; and
  • Establishes the operational concepts and procedures associated with field response to emergencies, the City’s EOC activities, and the recovery process.

This Plan establishes the framework for implementation of SEMS and NIMS in the City of Santa Barbara. This Plan is intended to facilitate multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional coordination in emergency operations, particularly between the City of Santa Barbara, Special Districts, and the Santa Barbara County Operational Area.

This document is a concept of operations guide. It is also a planning reference. City departments and governmental and non-governmental agencies that have roles and responsibilities identified in this Plan will develop Standard Operating Procedures or Guidelines (SOP/SOGs) with checklists based on the provisions of this Plan. This Plan will be used in conjunction with the State of California Emergency Plan and the National Response Plan during incidents of National Significance.