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How can I conserve water?

The easiest way for City customers to reduce their water usage by 20% or more is to check for leaks and reduce their outdoor water use.

  1. On average, half of a home’s water use is used outdoors for watering lawns and gardens. Watering your lawn for 15 minutes on average uses 700 gallons. This is where there is the most waste, and the most opportunities for saving water. Everyone is encouraged to turn on their sprinklers and drip at least once a month to inspect them and make sure they are working properly. Setting the proper watering times on your sprinkler timer is also very important; learn how you can adjust it easily with the Watering % Adjust.
  2. Check for leaks
    • Check your toilets - 20% of all toilets leak, often silently or at night. Follow these directions to check your toilet for leaks. A leaking toilet can waste up to 500 gallons a day.
    • Look for drips - faucets, fixtures, hoses and plumbing in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and appliances.
    • Water Meters: Watch your water meter to find a leak.
    • Printable Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Check for Leaks on Your Property on our website here.

City water customers can get a free indoor and outdoor water checkup by calling 564-5460.