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Other Costs and Negative Effects

Although the physical installation of a stop sign is relatively inexpensive, studies have shown that there are "associated" costs involved which must also be considered:

  • The sign must be maintained after installation.
  • Extra fuel is consumed when vehicles stop (or slow down) and then re-accelerate-24 hours per day, whether or not any other vehicles are present. This extra fuel consumption may appear to be insignificant until we consider the millions of vehicles each year that will be affected by the stop sign.
  • Extra fuel consumption also leads to increased air pollution - especially in the immediate vicinity of the sign. Stopping 5,000 vehicles per day generates 15 tons of additional pollutants per year.
  • Extra mechanical wear to the millions of vehicles each year that will have to brake to a stop, and then re-accelerate at this location.
  • Residents living adjacent to the stop sign locations also experience increased noise pollution caused by vehicles constantly shifting into lower gears and accelerating from a stop sign.